Federation of Spiritual Healer Licensing Boards

Federation of Spiritual Healer License Boards   

Information provided by Sustainable Services, LLC

Licensing Board Criteria

Becoming a Licensing Board in the Federation is voluntary. The following types of organizations are eligible for membership:

  1. Spiritual healer and spiritual coach licensing boards
  2. Churches, temples and fellowships that license their own spiritual healers
  3. Organizations that educate and train spiritual healers and/or coaches

Boards of the Federation must satisfy these requirements:

  1. Spiritual healer licenses are annually renewable
  2. Renewal of spiritual healer licenses requires 8 clock hours of continuing education
  3. Acceptance of all other members of the Federation
  4. Spiritual healer licensing boards each appoint one director to the board
  5. The board annually elects the chairman of the board during December
  6. Other organizations may appoint a non-voting member to the board
  7. Membership in the Federation is a donation as explained below
  8. Any Federation profits are donated to charity
  9. Any Federation deficits are assessed to the members

Boards of the Federation enjoy the following benefits:

All Healer Coach course materials are available to the member for $195.00 per person as a royalty fee. This includes all course materials covering Professional Practices, Professional Ethics, Creating Your Own Informed Consent Forms and the Basic Coaching Skills Workshop. The cost of these materials to non-members is $565.00 per person.

All coaching facilitators for the basic coaching skills workshops must be trained by Healer Coach and approved by the Federation. An additional fee of $200.00 per person is required if the member organization requires the services of a Healer Coach approved facilitator. (This additional $200.00 fee is paid to the Healer Coach coaching facilitator.)

The Federation licenses your members for a $65.00 initial license fee. License renewal fees are $55.00 per person annually.

If you have any questions about becoming a Licensing Agency or Agency Membership benefits, please contact us by sending an email with your questions and concerns to info.healers@gmail.com.