Federation of Spiritual Healer Licensing Boards

FSHLB - 1558 S. 4th. Street Columbus, Ohio 43207 - Email: info.healers@gmail.com - Voicemail: (614) 285-6056

Federation of Spiritual Healer License Boards   

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All Federation of Spiritual Healer License Board - Licensed Spiritual Healers and Coaches are authorized to perform Spiritual Healing/Health and Wellness Coaching.

Licensed Spiritual Healers and Coaches do not diagnose, prescribe or cure. They are trained to educate and empower clients to improve every part of their being including their relationship to the Divine

Licensing is Limited to the Certified Modalities/Techniques authorized to be listed in your Informed Consent Form.



  1. Print the application, complete and sign it.
  2. Compile all the additional documentation requested.
  3. Decide how you will Pay. Check, Money Order or Online. 

Preferred FIling Option 1: Email the Application, your Online Payment Receipt that you received via email from Gumroad our Online Payment Processor and the Additional Documents. 


Secondary Filing Option 2: Mail the Application along with your Check, Money Order (payable to FSHLB) or the Online Payment Receipt that you received via email from Gumroad our Online Payment Processor and the Additional Documents. 

  • Mailing Address: FSHLB - 1558 S. 4th. Street Columbus, Ohio 43207

Processing Timeline:  It may take 2-8 Weeks to receive via email your Printable License. We must verify all the information you provided with your application and this takes time to do. Make sure you provide exactly what the application requests or it will take longer to process. We will contact you for further details if needed. If you have not heard from us this means that your application is still in processing. Thank you for your patience and the Spiritual Healing you are assisting others with. 

  • You will receive an automated receipt for email received at FSHLB. 

FSHLB Office Hours: The office operates on a part time basis as we are a small non-profit entity. 

Applications - Payments 

You may apply with any of the License Boards we service to become Licensed as a Spiritual Healer. There may be a particular board that your Training Organization recommends. New Licenses are $65.00 yearly. Licenses are Renewed for $55.00, Late Renewals are $80.00 (expired over 90 days) and Reinstatement Renewals (expired of 270 days) are $110.00. 

 NEW License Application - 1 Year 

Download & Complete a NEW License Form 


                  UNEXPIRED Renewal Application - 1 Year 

You have a 90 Days Grace Period within which to Renew


LATE Renewal Application - 1 Year

If your License Expired OVER 90 Days ago.
Pay this Fee or your License will NOT be Processed!

Download & Complete a LATE Renewal License Form


REINSTATE Renewal Application - 1 Year 

If your License Expired OVER 270 Days ago

Pay this Fee or your License will NOT be Processed!

Download & Complete a REINSTATEMENT License Form



License Boards 

We are not creating 
New Licensing Boards at this time.

Alliance of Christian Healers Board
The Alliance invites all Christians to become licensed by us. We work closely with every Christian denomination who follow scripture in the application of assisting healing on any level. 

Fellowship Modern Essenes Board
We believe everybody has the ability to heal themselves and help others heal themselves using the ancient healing techniques. The techniques used by the Modern Essenes are believed to be ancient alternative medicine healing techniques used for centuries until the advent of modern medicine. Universal Life Force Energy comes from the God-Force and is a powerful healing energy used for the highest good of each person. It can be used to heal self, life and others and does not conflict with other healthcare methods, but enhances or facilitates the benefits.

Quantum Healer Board
The Quantum Healer License Board licenses quantum healers who are properly credentialed and trained in any quantum healing modality. 

Quantum Healing Hands Fellowship
The Quantum Healing Hands License Board offers spiritual healer licenses to hands-on and hands-off spiritual healers who use any proven spiritual healing techniques adopted by the board. 

Reiki License Commission
The Reiki License Commission licenses qualified applicants as a Reiki Healer, Reiki Coach, Reiki Master Healer, and Reiki Master Coach.

Spiritual Healer License Board 
Spiritual healers of all Eastern , Shamanism and any other path who call upon any and all facets of the Divine are most welcome to help us heal Mother Earth and all of her children. We embrace you and your spiritual healing mission regardless of your faith or the method by which you call upon for spiritual healing. 

Spiritual Health Coach Board 
Spiritual Health Coaches are encouraged to follow their own spiritual path in using the healing power of the Divine to assist in the healing those who are seeking healing of their body, mind, spirit, soul, emotions, ego and their desires. Spiritual Health Coaches may use any spiritual healing modality to help humans, animals, plants and things become healed on every level of their being.