Federation of Spiritual Healer Licensing Boards

Federation of Spiritual Healer License Boards   

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You may apply with any of the License Boards we service to become Licensed as a Spiritual Healer. There may be a particular board that your Training Organization recommends. New Licenses are $65.00 yearly and are Renewable Yearly for $55.00.



            RENEWAL APPLICATIONS - 1 Year



Mail your Application, Payment or Receipt

   Option 1: Mail your Application and Check/Money Orders 

Option 2: Make Your Payment ONLINE. Mail your Application and a Printed Copy of your Email Receipt 

Mailing Address: FSHLB -  P.O.Box 7021, Springfield, MO 65801

License Boards We Service

Alliance of Christian Healers 

Fellowship Modern Essenes Board 

Independent Science of Mind Fellowship

Licensed Spiritual Healer Council

Quantum Healer License Board 

Quantum Healing Hands Fellowship 

Reiki License Commission

Spiritual Healer License Board 

Spiritual Health Coach License Board