Federation of Spiritual Healer Licensing Boards

Federation of Spiritual Healer License Boards   

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FSHLB Mission

The mission of the Federation of Spiritual Healer Licensing Boards is to Accredit Spiritual Healer Licensing Boards and facilitates the Licensing of Spiritual Healers (more information below) of all religions and spiritual paths. This occurs through a process of assisting agencies in upgrading their course requirements and requiring additional professional education of healers. We require the delivery of traing by agencies and the services of healers meet the stringent standards established by applicable government agencies and the Federation. We are not creating New Licensing Boards at this time.

We License individuals within the United States and Canada who desire to assist others as a Spiritual Healer.

Why Become A Licensed Spiritual Healer

Becoming Licensed as a Spiritual Healer has become very attractive. Natural and Spiritual Healers desire to operate professionally, ethically, with a legal informed consent form so that they may assist others who seek their services.

Regulatory Agencies have become more interested in assessing those who are NOT Licensed at all. There have been more many more practitioners brought before these agencies to prove validity in the last several years! 

If the State, Province, County or City in which you reside Licenses the technique/s you offer, you must get and maintain that License. If NOTwe strongly recommend that you become Certified, complete the Additional Professional Education and become a Licensed Spiritual Healer (LSH). 

Licensing Boards 

Alliance of Christian Healers , Fellowship Modern Essenes Board , Independent Science of Mind Fellowship, Licensed Spiritual Healer Council, Quantum Healer License Board , Quantum Healing Hands Fellowship , Reiki License Commission, Spiritual Healer License Board , Spiritual Health Coach License Board,  Detailed Board Descriptions Here.

Prerequisites to Licensing

In MOST CASES, Certification in a Healing Technique and successful completion of the required Additonal Professional Education is Required. You may source the courses needed through one of our Accredited Education Organizations.

  • Professional Practices, Ethics & Informed Consent Form
  • Spiritual Coaching Skills Course
  • Basic Anatomy & Physiology

Once you have completed the additional education and in MOST CASES Certified in a Healing Technique you may become a Licensed Spiritual Healer (LSH) with any Approved Board of the Federation of Spiritual Healer Licensing Boards.

Those who are Licensed may use any spiritual abilities, talents, gifts or approved healing techniques (within certain legal parameters and within the guidelines of the Federation of Spiritual Healer Licensing Boards) to help those seeking their services to regain and improve their state of Spiritual Wholeness or Balance. The person seeking their services decides when Spiritual Wholeness or Balance is achieved.   

Accredited Educators

Academy 4 Coaching (A4C), Health In Wellness Coach (HWC), Spiritual Healer Coach (SHC), Spiritual Healer Professional Learning Institute (SHPLI), Touch of Healing (TH), Bioenergetics 4 U (B4U), Biofeedback Coach (BC), Blue Sun Energetics (BSE), Naturopath Coach (NC).

If you are an Un-Certified Healer

You may become Certified through one of the Approved Organizations/Programs in association with the Natural Therapies Certification Board you reside within the United States or Canada. Or, any other Accredited Organization that Certifies in a Healing Technique.

If you Reside Outside the United States you may be able to become Certified or Licensed in your Country or obtain Professional Designations and Recognition through various Local, Province, State, National or International Associations.  


You may apply with any of the License Boards we service to become Licensed as a Spiritual Healer. There may be a particular board that your training organization recommends. New Licenses are $65.00 yearly and are Renewable Yearly for $55.00. Navigate to the Applications Page for futher information.

Informed Statement

The Licensing offered is NOT issued by any Federal, Provice, State, County or City License Agency within any Jurisdiction of the United States, Canada or any other Nation Worldwide but, is of an Ecclesiastical Nature and Limited to the Certified Modalities/Techniques listed in your Informed Consent Form. 

If the Country, State, Province, County, or City in which you reside Certifies or Licenses the Modalities/Technique/s you offer and must your meet their requirements.