FSHLB Spiritual Healer Licensing Boards Information 

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Info for FSHLB Licensing Boards

FSHLB Mission

The mission of the Federation of Spiritual Healer Licensing Boards is to support and accredit spiritual healer licensing agencies of all religions and spiritual paths through a process of upgrading course requirements and delivery of services to meet stringent standards established by applicable governmental agencies and the Federation.

Who FSHLB Boards License 

We License individuals who considers themselves Spiritual Healers and have complete the required education for Licensing within the Natural, Holistic, Wellness, Alternative, Complimentary, Intuitive, Allopathic, Integrative, Ministerial Professions or others may apply for a Spiritual Healer License.

Why Become A Licensed Spiritual Healer

Becoming Licensed as a Spiritual Healer has become very attractive. Spiritual Healers desire to operate professionally, ethically and appropriately inform consumers.

Federal Regulatory and State, County and City Licensing  have become more interested in assessing those who are not Licensed at all. There have been more many more practitioners brought before Federal Regulatory or State Licensing Agencies in the last several years! 

If the State, County or City you reside in Licenses/Certifies the technique/s you offer, you must get and maintain that License/Certification. If NOT, we strongly recommend that you complete qualifying education and become a Licensed Spiritual Healer (LSH) with us. 

Apply for your NEW License 

The cost is ONLY $65.00

RENEW your License

The cost is ONLY $55.00

Late Renewals are $80.00

What FSHLB Boards Provide

The Licensing FSHLB Boards provide is a License to practice Spiritual Healing techniques approved and in accordance with parameters set forth by the Federation of Spiritual Healer Licensing Boards.

Informed Statement

The Licensing offered is NOT a Federal, State, County or City License in any jurisdiction of the United States of America or abroad but, is of an Ecclesiastical Nature

Contact FSHLB

  •  Call 800-710-1539 Ext 3
  • Email  info.healers@gmail.com
  • Mail FSHLB 8417 Oswego Road #131 Baldwinsville, NY 13027